Praises Going Up-Dining Hall Going DOWN

Camp President Jack Cnossen reminds everyone nightly about the need to raise $50,000 to tear down the dining hall after camp closes so that we can build a new dining hall and conference center. The 80 ft x 30 ft building will be fully heated and air conditioned for year round use for conferences, camp meetings, weddings, and yes maybe even funerals. It will truly be a multi-purpose building.

The exterior will have a 78 ft x 8 ft wrap around covered porch so all can enjoy the fellowship that has been the fundamental foundation of this camp since it was founded.
Jack reminds us- "its' not that we have a choice-the old building has been condemned as of the close of this weeks camp". "It has served us well but it's time to move onward and upward”, Jack said. With your help and Gods blessing-- it will happen.

In order to implement the  5 year plan for the restoration and revitalization of these Holy Grounds, the Association has partnered with Christian organizations like, Walking in Light and  Child Evangelistic Fellowship which plans to commit at least $30,000 to the dining room/conference hall projects total cost of about $100,000.

God is working wonders at the Holy Grounds in Douglas and all are encouraged to pray about what God would enable you do to help raise this new building as a testament of what can be done with the Lord's help. Pledges or contributions may be mailed to Douglas Camp Meeting, PO BOX 503, Douglas, MA. 01516. Thanks for anything that you can do to support this very important project.
  • Uxbridge team from left: Pastor Howard, Pastor Nicole,  Executive director John with son Maverick (age 3), wife Rhonda and daughter Sady-3 mos.
  • The crowd is moved by the great gospel singing
  • Good to have Chuck Pendleton on the road to recovery
  • Dave Makela and Charlene Lussier are FIRED up.
  • You gotta check the food before passing it along
  • Now their grillng for the multitudes
  • The proposed  80 x 30 dining hall and conference center

It must be VERY IMPORTANT..........Why esle would the word Sanctification appear 142 times in the Bible

Dr. Neihof and his lovely wife Agnes
Dr. Neihof and his lovely wife Agnes