The early years

“For the first fifteen years the Douglas Camp Meeting was maintained, built up and owned entirely by George M. Morse.
Early in 1890 a joint stock company was formed, to whom Deacon Morse surrendered his holdings, which had cost him in the vicinity of $18,000, to the Douglas Camp Meeting Association, for $5,000, under the condition that it be specifically stated in the charter: "that these grounds are ever to be held for Holiness."

Ever since that first meeting in the summer of 1875, Douglas Camp has been winning souls for Christ. Learn more about what it was like by clicking on the the links below to read these God inspired history's.


Excerpt from the 75th Anniversary History
“In April, 1931, a fire of conflagration intensity threatened every tree and building on the camp-ground, and but for Divine intervention there would have been nothing more left to look upon than a mass of charred stumps and the smoldering ruins of what was once tabernacle, dormitories, cottages. But God did intervene and at the opportune time changed the course of the wind, thus preserving for us the buildings most vital to the carrying on of His work, while our spirits were awed with the power of His Might.
Immediately following the fire, workers were drawn together, givers assembled, and although the fire occurred less than three months before the meeting was to be held, a beautiful new tabernacle, with a seating capacity of 1000 people, was constructed and ready for use, and one of our most successful meetings was held in the face of what at first looked like a hopeless situation. To God we ascribe all the glory.
The great hurricane of September, 1938, uprooted a majority of the giant pines that the fire failed to destroy and did considerable damage to electric light wires and a number of buildings. But, as in the case of the fire, a way was opened up wherewith we could clear the grounds, repair the buildings, replace fallen wires, and get the camp- ground again in shape for the next meeting, without incurring any appreciable indebtedness to the Association. We praise God for His unfailing faithfulness in every time of need.

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