TIM JOHNSON SMILES AS HE HOLDS SUNDAYS YOUNGEST DCM ATTENDEE 2 Month Old Benjamin as his wife Christina tends to his brother -Joshua outside the old Tabernacle.

President Jack praised the Lord that "Dining Hall Pledges" have passed $40,000 on a goal of $50,000

President Jack and his wife Debbie pause to reflect in the old dining hall.
President Jack and his wife Debbie pause to reflect in the old dining hall.
The sun shone brightly this morning and there was a nice breeze in the air as many gathered for the final Sunday morning service and Pot Luck Luncheon. There will be one more sevice at 6 pm Sunday.
 President Jack announced  that "$40,000 has been raised toward the $50,000 campaign to tear down and rebuild the old dining hall. He added 'God is blessing Douglas Camp- great things are happening all over the grounds and in the Old Tabernacle and I am confident that with God's Blessing we will meet and surpass our goal".
He thanked everyone for" their support and vote of confidence" in what is being done to revive the Holy Grounds at DC and reminded all to continue to send in their pledges.
Jack and Debbie Cnossen provided an abundance of high energy and leadership and have done a marvelous job at camp this week. Doing what they call -God's Work, aided by  a big effort from  their son Mike  Cnossen and his wife Christie. As in years past it takes many volunteers to do God's work.

Dr. Neihof Delivers Passionate Sunday Morning Message

Great Gospel Singing Has Been a Nightly Event
Great Gospel Singing Has Been a Nightly Event
The final Sunday morning service of DCM 2009 was weaved with wonderful music by the camp orchestra and the Hammer/Vatral singing quartet along with Rebecca Hammer. Bud Meyers offered opening pray. Dr. Neihof’s theme was’ the beauty of Holiness contrasted by the ugliness of sin. He weaved though the Holy Bible citing verse after verse to hammer home the importance of Holiness and how we should live a Holy life so others will desire to have what we have. He said, "people need examples" and gave a number of metaphors to clarify his point. Dr. Neihof proceeded to highlight seven critical points or components of Holiness. The seven-preaching/teaching points included: Purity, Harmony, Humility (and Pride), Christ Likeness, Consecration, Love and Health. It was another great message of Holiness followed by an alter call and a closing hymn of “Oh To be Like Thee”. Following the alter call and passionate prayers by those seeking God, all adjourned to the old dining hall for one final “pot luck luncheon” and a wonderful time of Holiness fellowship.

Come Enjoy The Memories

  • Praise Him-Praise Him-Praise His Holy Name
  • Jim and Sue Hammer and Russ Bedard (center)
  • Crowd responds to the great music
  • Talented muscians lend their support
  • Bud Meyers offers opening pray
  • Jim makes everyone sound great
  • Ushers gather support for DCM
  • The next generation steps up
  • The Johnson Family Listens
  • Benjamin -age 2 mos-our youngest camp attendee
  • Dr. Neihof welcomes all to the alter
  • Johnny Poole talks with his mom Joy
  • Friends-Kathy Sawyer and Johanne Haskell
  • Friends
  • Leona and her husband all the way from Wyoming
  • The Johnsons and friends
  • Christina Johnsons, right, checks out baby Benjamin
  • Benjamin Johnson takes in the sights
  • Visiting under the pines
  • I KNOW dinner will be ready soon
  • Even the puppies love DCM
  • Young men and the OLD DINING HALL
  • Bud Shrugue (right) welcomes a guest
  • Jim and Dr. Neihof discuss the mike is on.
  • Enjoying a relaxing conversation
  • Joy Poole enjoys the day
  • KIDZ CAMP reports in
  • Enjoying Harmony under the breezy pines
  • Jack and Anne review Kidz Camp notes
  • Where's the cat
  • Thanks KIDZ For Caring and Sharing
  • The last pot luck luncheon in the old dining hall
  • We  have the -Best Pot Luck Cooks in the World
  • Foosball is always fun
  • Night falls but the SON shines at DCM