Douglas Camp Meeting is Dedicated To Helping People Find Christ

Douglas Camp is an Interdenominational

Bible Camp Meeting

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Douglas Camp Meeting Association
PO Box 503
Douglas, MA 01516

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Mark your calendars for July 19th to 28th, 2024 and come to Douglas Camp to visit us for another holy week of seeking and spending time with the Lord's Spirit.


To learn of our rich history you may read the

Illustrated History of the Douglas Camp Meeting at:



Douglas Camp is also available to be rented for Church Retreats



To contact us directly send text to:
President Dave Blaney at 860-836-0343

Camp Officers

(elected 2023)


President, David J. Blaney Sr.

Secretary, Patricia Mercado

Treasurer, Paul Cnossen


Douglas CampMeeting Association



DCMA Grounds Purpose & Usage Summary

- The purpose for those who stay at Douglas Camp Meeting grounds is for spiritual growth and outreach as well as to care for the properties/ministry.

- Parents must make sure their children are supervised and safe at all times.  

- Calm pet(s) may be allowed by permission.

- Worldly activities, music, media, behavior, apparel are not permitted on DCM grounds – including smoking, alcohol/drugs, profanity. Unrelated couples are not permitted to reside together at DCM.  Sabbath is honored as a gift from God.       

- Individuals who use any authorized bathroom facilities are responsible for custodial care of their usage. Please notify us if supplies are short or repairs needed.

- Those who stay at DCM are responsible to remove their own rubbish from the camp.  Also, snow plowing is not provided.

- Use of DCM kitchen is not permitted unless a rental agreement is entered into and a copy of their cook’s ServSafe certificate is submitted to DCMA.

- Application/contract and Pastoral recommendation are required for any that stay at DCM (unanimous approval of the DCMA Executive Board required), other than during Annual Camp-meeting, as mature Christian character is essential. 

- Our Founders stated, “… these grounds are to be held forever for holiness”. Not only do we treat DCMA grounds as sacred, but consideration of others seeking-first Christ is appreciated.


Douglas Camp Meeting Association

P.O.Box 503    25 South St. Douglas, MA 01516

DCMA Restrictive Rules